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About Christy

Christy's artistic journey is deeply intertwined with her profound connection to nature. Drawing inspiration from the intricate beauty and inherent fragility of the natural world, she endeavours to evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation in her audience through her work.

For Christy, the act of drawing and meticulously studying every aspect of her subject fosters an intimate relationship that deepens her admiration for nature. By translating these details, she aims to invite her viewers into a newfound perspective, encouraging them to experience the world around them with fresh eyes.

Utilizing chalk pastel, charcoal, and plaster as her chosen mediums, Christy mirrors the transient and delicate essence of her subjects, which range from people to wildlife, flora, and fauna. Her recent exploration into abstract landscapes and forms through plaster adds a new dimension to her artistic expression, allowing her to capture the essence of nature's fleeting beauty in an abstract and simplified way.

In her latest body of work, Christy delves further into the abstraction of natural forms, drawing inspiration from the lines, textures, and patterns found in the Canadian foothills and prairie landscapes. Through this abstraction, she seeks to not only interpret nature but also evoke a sense of harmony, tranquility, and serenity reminiscent of the profound peace found in the natural world.

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