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About Christy

Christy has always been inspired by nature. In her work, she strives to convey the fragility of life in hopes of inspiring others to appreciate its beauty.

Her medium of choice; chalk pastel and charcoal are a direct reflection of the impermanence and delicacy of her chosen subject matter, including people, wildlife, flora and fauna, and her most recent series, stone.

Christy feels the process of drawing and studying every detail of her subject creates a kind of intimacy that further develops her appreciation. Her hope is that, with the details translated from subject to paper, her audience will also see her chosen subject in a new light.

Christy's most recent work focuses more on the abstraction of natural forms rather than a direct interpretation. Lines, texture, pattern, and colour from natural elements such as stone guide the abstracted composition to offer work that not only feels like an interpretation of nature but also creates a sense of harmony, restfulness, and well-being that is felt in nature. 

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